Radiator & Head Gasket Repair

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Radiator & Head Gasket Repair

Affordable Radiator Repair in Boise

The radiator is the main cooling component and is responsible for keeping the engine cool in your vehicle. A malfunctioning radiator can cause the engine to overheat and can cause a variety of issues, including eventual breakdowns. It is advisable to have these repairs done sooner than later as the longer you let it go, the more extensive the damage can get to other parts of your engine.

The radiator in your car is made up of thin, hollow channels that run between the inlet and outlet tanks and is located at the front of the engine compartment. Coolant is sent through the system to the engine tubes to the engine. When the coolant reaches the engine, it will cool the engine components, then it is directed to the radiator where it is cooled using the airflow from the car moving forward or from the radiator fan. The coolant then returns to the engine, absorbing more heat. This cycle keeps the engine at optimal operating temperatures.

Three of the most common problems associated with overheating is a blown head gasket, this is the gasket that sits between the cylinder head and the engine block and is a time-consuming and costly part to repair because the engine needs to be disassembled. The second problem which can lead to overheating is a clogged cooling system, the cooling system should be flushed every 30,000 miles. The third problem is the thermostat which regulates the coolant circulating to the engine. Most of these problems can be avoided by doing preventative maintenance on your vehicle.

We work on radiators and engine cooling systems in Boise on all makes and models including Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Toyota, GM, Audi, Nissan, Subaru, and Chevrolet.  All of our radiator repairs come with a 12 month/12000-mile warranty!

Possible symptoms you might see if you are having a problem with your radiator

  • Leaking Coolant Fluid
  • White Smoke coming out of Exhaust
  • Overheating
  • Temperature Gauge moving beyond half way point
  • No heat in vehicle or heat turning cold at idle
  • Temperature Light coming on Dashboard
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