Why is the air conditioning broke in my car?

Why is the air conditioning broke in my car?

Anyone who has lived in the Boise, Idaho area has experienced its spring and summer temperatures.  It can get pretty hot here in the valley and getting into a hot car after work is no way to start your commute home. A properly working air conditioner in your vehicle will keep you and your passengers comfortable throughout the warmer months in Idaho.


Even if your AC just recently stopped work, having a car without air conditioning is uncomfortable and annoying.  Here are some reasons why your AC might be malfunctioning so you can do some research on cost and whether it can be a DIY or you need a mechanic to get your AC problem fixed and get you back to be cool in your car.

Causes of malfunctioning automotive air conditioner:

  • Failed compressor
  • Low or no refrigerant
  • Clogged or fouled system
  • Broken HVAC components
  • Electrical problems

One of the reasons your AC is malfunctioning in your vehicle is that the compressor failed.  The compressor is the main component of your air conditioning system and if it has failed your system won’t produce any cool air.  The compressor in your car could have failed from normal wear and tear, debris in your AC system, or insufficient oil in the system.  To check for a failed compressor, you can measure the pressure rise across the compressor.  If it is lower than normal, then your compressor either has or is failing.  For most, the best thing to do to get your air conditioning working again is to contact a mechanic to replace the compressor.

Clogs in your system are another issue that can cause your AC to break down. This can be caused by low-quality leak stoppers, dirt from opening the system up to add refrigerant, or even wear products from your compressor. If there is a clog in the system, the pressures in the wrong areas of the system will shift, limiting the cooling impact. Check for clogs by searching for irregularities in the pressures around the system. The best thing to do if you think there is a clogged component is to get it replaced by a mechanic.

A problem with your ventilation system is one of the most misleading causes of a broken air conditioner. The air is blown via a number of ducts and routed through different channels based on the temperature setting and vent selected in your ventilation system. When these ducts become clogged or the doors that route the airflow break, the cooled air is reheated, giving the impression that your air conditioner is broken when it is actually working perfectly. If this is the case, the feed line to your evaporator will be cold, yet warm air will be blown from your car’s vents. You should have a mechanic take a look at the vent system inside your vehicle.  Sometimes the vent doors inside your vehicle can be reset, if you search online you might find those instructions but they will eventually have to be replaced.

Electrical problems might cause your air conditioner to stop functioning for a variety of reasons. Your air conditioning will not cool your vehicle if the compressor does not receive a signal from your ventilation system to turn on. Your air conditioning system will malfunction at low speeds if the electric fans that cool your condenser are burnt out, have blown a fuse, or have a faulty relay. If one of your air conditioning system’s sensors malfunctions, it can cause your system to fail because it is sensing inaccurately. If you think this is the case, contact a mechanic to have it repaired.

The most prevalent cause of air conditioning system failure is a leak in the system in which you will have low or no refrigerant in your system. Due to the nature of the refrigerant used in your system and the environment, it is subjected to, leaks are common. You can check for a leak in your air conditioning system by measuring the low side pressure which is usually marked with an L on a plastic screw-off cap on your AC piping under the hood.  Using leak stop and refrigerant refill cans they sell in the store can get you up and running but if the leak is too big it may not be able to be sealed using that method.  Some AC systems are very temperamental also where refilling your own can cause your AC not to work properly or the compressor will run and shut off in succession as those cans that have gauges only give you an estimate of where your AC levels are but if you want a perfect match for your vehicle it would be a wise decision to take it in and have a mechanic put it on their system to test it and refill it.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is a complex system. It is comprised of a variety of parts, such as compressors high-pressure gas lines, condenser, and various other components. It doesn’t matter if the issue is a mechanical issue or a more complex electrical issue, it’s essential to have your car repaired in the earliest time possible. Fortunately, Wrench & Ratchet Auto Care is the ideal place to get the repair of your car’s A/C repaired in Boise. They have the experience to pinpoint the issue, repair it, and get you back on the road. Give us a call today at 208-345-0011.

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